Nazi Daggers

Nazi Daggers For Sale

EE NSKK Chain-Gebruder Heller Schmal kalden w/anchor in center, very early silver dagger. This dagger & all of its parts are close to Ex., chain is NSKK marked, lower guard (rear) stamped Bo..Ex- $4200

FF NSKK Nelzer Feller-Zellain, circle w/horse in center, blade & handle Ex., stamped:’ He’ on rear lower Guard, scabbard -60% paint w/knot & brown hanger which is fair (silver)..VG++$700.

GG Luft. Second Model, no maker, white handle w/early hanger-good condition-dagger is Ex+++$650.

HH Luft Second Model, Rich Herder large trade mark, white handle w/slight crack in rear-approx.1”,the rest of dagger is Ex. w/gold still in swastikas..$550.

II SA Ground Rohm, Eickhorn-small trade mark high on blade-near lower guard stamped: Ho. Light scratches on blade, anodized scabbard-with a light coat of rust, slight dent bottom ball, rest of dagger is Ex- (silver) $700.

KK SA, maker:Justin Userk Soligen w/medieval ax in center. Lower guard stamped Bo, handle has small Chip, blade should clean up, scabbard has 1 dent, 90% paint, bottom ball dented, early silver W/hanger.G+$375

MM Red Cross E M, no maker on blade, no cracks or chips in handle, 90% paint,no dents, light blemishes on blade, complete w/frog-stamped #17, frog is VG, dagger is Ex-..$1000

QQ SA, J P Sauer&son SUHI, under trade mark is:GEG-1751, rear guard stamped Sa, very dark handle blade was buffed, black is gone from writing.VG to Ex-$500.

VV Hitler Youth Knife. RZM M7/13. The knife is excellent , except the blade has some dings.Ex-..$375

A- R.L. B Officers Dagger. Second model, w/hangers. Maker Paul Weyersburg & Co. Solingen. Leather is Ex+. Blade is Ex+. Hangers are V.G. ...Ex + $ 4,750

C- Army Officers Dagger. Waffen WMW, This is a issue dagger & they’re getting harder to find.. Yellow handle, silver fittings & scabbard.Ex.$550

F- S.A. Dagger. Maker (Rear double maker marked) Tiger w/Tiger depicted on blade, Solingen RZM M 7/68, blade near Ex.. ,handle has one chip at top back of handle, scabbard has crazing & light rust. Bottom fitting ball is half dented...VG $550

G- S.A. Dagger. Maker Eickhorn (buffed Rohm). Eickhorn trade mark is right up to the crossguard. Anodized scabbard VG w/light rust, blade Ex-., very lightly sharpened, handle Ex. Complete w/double hangers,..VG+ $1,000

H- NSKK Dagger. Maker RZM M 7/103. This is the best one I had in years.Mint- $750

11- Navy WKC Second model with gold knot, plain blade, lighting bolt scabbardNear Ex $1,000

16- Luft. Fridecicus First model Silver, no chain, no leather on scabbard but its done in blue ..Ex $800

18- Luft. No maker Second model, orange handle w/small chip lower rear, light rust on scabbard.VG+$425 .Ex- $600

30- SA RZM M/742 Bottom fitting ball dented VG $450

41A) TENO E.M. DAGGER-Hand made leather custom case, made to the shape of the TENO E.M. dagger. Very impressive case which was purchased with the dagger from Tom Whitman. Mint (case only, same as above, only one available).$400.00

266) S.A. DAGGER HANGER-RZM marked, about excellent.$75.00

459) HUNTING CUTLASS-22", Clamshell is ribbed type. Staghorn grip w/3 acorns attached. Blade is engraved on 2 sides, approximately ½ of the engraving is worn, but blade is clean, no rust. Scabbard is excellent and has a place for a skinning knife, which is missing. (Brass fittings) scabbard, & handle have a #68 Ex-..$650.00